Changsha langfeng metallic introduce the main tool classification of machining

Changsha langfeng metallic material introduce cutting tools(tile cutting wheel and glass cutting wheel )

Cutting tools (changsha langfeng metallic specialize in tile cutting wheel and glass cutting wheel manufacture)can be divided into five categories according to the form on the surface of the workpiece processing. The processing of various external surface cutting tools , Including turning, planing tool, milling cutter, broach and outside surface file, etc hole-machining tool , Including rotary drilling, reaming, boring cutter, reamer, and inner surface broach, etc thread machining tools , Including the tap, die, automatic opening and closing thread cutting head, turning and milling cutter, etc tool for machining gear , Including the hob, pinion cutter, shaving cutter, bevel gear machining tool, etc cut-off tool , Including tipped circular saw blade, band saw, bow saw, cutting tool and the saw blade milling cutter, and so on . in addition , Cutting tools and combination.
According to the cutting motion mode and the corresponding blade shape , Cutting tool and can be divided into three categories . General tool, such as turning tool, cutter, milling cutter (Do not include the tool of the forming, the forming cutter and forming milling cutter ) Boring cutter, drill, reamer drill, reamer, and saw, etc Forming tools , This kind of cutter blade is the same as the cross section by machining or close to the same shape, Such as forming tool, forming cutter, the forming milling cutter, broach, conic reamer and all kinds of thread cutting tools, etc. Generative cutting tool is made of generating method processing gear tooth surface or similar artifacts , Such as hob, pinion cutter, shaving cutter, bevel gear shaper cutter, and bevel gear milling cutter, etc. Cutting tool material is roughly the following categories : High speed steel, cemented carbide, metal ceramics, ceramic, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline diamond.

I mainly to ceramics , Ceramics used for cutting tools Earlier than cemented carbide , However, due to the brittleness, it developed very slowly .But since the 1970 s , Still received the faster development . There are two major series ceramic cutting tool materials , The aluminum oxide and silicon nitride . As a ceramic tool , With low cost and high hardness, high temperature resistant performance is good wait for an advantage, have very good prospects.

illustrious name Cutting Tool , At present ,products at home and abroad , Cutting tool is a high technology!

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