changsha langfeng matallic material microwave sintering conclusion

Birnboin,such as microwave field is analyzed in two interaction between dielectric spherical particle distribution, found in sintering neck area, electric field were focused. Neck area plus field by field intensity is about 10 times, and the field intensity in the neck area gap is about 30 times of field. And, in the center of the field and the two particles connection between 0° ~80° Angle range, have found that electric field along the direction parallel to the attachment. The electric field distribution greatly improve the effect of PMF, prompting the mass transfer process at breakneck speed.

In addition, the microwave sintering neck area are highly clustered electric field may also make local ionization, further accelerate the mass transfer process. The ionization of covalent compounds produced in acceleration and mass transfer is particularly important.

These studies show that there are quality, and the effect of electromagnetic force (PMF) and local ionization caused by acceleration and mass transfer process is the root cause of microwave sintering.

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