Ceramic planetary ball mill work principle


The drive motor constantly rotating cylinder, the cylinder body crushed ore and a planetary ball mill at the cylinder rotation by friction and centrifugal force was taken by a certain height after deceleration device lining due to gravity, they produce Paola state, diarrhea off state, under the impact of the ore and grinding non-stop action, and gradually be crushed. was crushed by a planetary ball mill ore discharge section discharge spout. discharge of minerals spiral classifier in classification of qualified products by the lead after , grit feeder through joint and back within a planetary ball mill to continue grinding. feeder continuing to feed a continuous and uniform, continuous ore joint feeder evenly into a planetary ball mill, grated material stream continuously discharged from the ceramic planetary ball mill ceramic planetary ball mill is grinding equipment can work 24 hours a day.

Lattice-type planetary ball mill works

Lattice-type planetary ball mill from the cylinder unit, to the mine, the mine discharge, bearing unit, drive unit and lubrication system components. Barrel use is supported on the main bearing cap. Barrel and cap inside is lined with high-manganese steel liner plate, at the side of discharge is also equipped with plaid lining, the barrel load of different sizes according to the ratio of the pinion drive gear on the cylinder, the planetary ball mill is rotated by the ore to the mining machine infeed by set into the mill to the mine shaft journal. pulp milled through the liner grid upgrade by leading port of discharge fan chamber to a level higher than the discharge mouth, causes the pulp mill discharge. Because of the fan chamber to mention long l effect, reducing the pulp residence time in the mill, so the grid planetary ball mill, also known as forced discharge mine.

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