Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool Material basic introduction -Tungsten carbide tile cutter wheel

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To discuss the basic knowledge of cement carbide cutting tool--Tungsten carbide tile cutter wheel,Tungsten carbide glass cutter wheel .

Cemented carbides are the most widely used class of materials for high-speed machining (HSM).They are the products of powder metallurgy and consist of hard principal ingredient (usually tungsten carbide WC) and a binding metal. Currently, there are hundreds of different WC-based cemented carbides. The majority of them ultilize cobalt (Co) as the binder,but nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr) are also commonly used. Other alloying elements may be added as well. Why are there so many grades and how does a toolmaker select the right material for a given application? To answer these questions, let&rsquo s firstly review what makes cemented carbides desirable as cutting tool materials.

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