Laboratory tube furnace

Laboratory tube furnace of high-temperature industrial microwave tube furnace combines advantages of microwave muffle furnace, microwave ashing furnace, microwave sintering oven, microwave lab oven and microwave vacuum furnace, it is applicable for calcination, sintering synthesis, heating, pyrolysis, ash, [Read More]

Light planetary ball mill Light

Planetary ball machine for grinding a variety of substances. Glass, wood, ceramics, stone sand is very common substance in life, I believe that a planetary ball mill manufacturer these properties several substances will not feel strange, precisely because [Read More]

Electronic Ceramics

Electronic Ceramics Comparison of microwave and conventional sintering ZnO varistor properties, find microwave sintering technology significantly improves the densification behavior of ZnO varistors, shortening the sintering cycle, improve the electrical properties. Sol-gel process and the microwave sintering process [Read More]