tic based cermet

TiC steel bonded carbide rods application

Taking low-cost high-manganese steel or ultra-high manganese steel as large wear-resistant base material,casted with TiC steel bonded carbide rods,the new wear parts’s wearing side has excellent wear resistance,while non-wearing side with excellent plasticity and impact toughness.It has been successfully [Read More]

Ferro-TiC alloys for high manganese steel wear parts

 TiC  ferroSteel alloys, namely TM52 Steel bonded alloys,are made by advanced powder metallurgy technologies: blending, milling, compacting, sintering,etc. hardening phase: TiC powder, binder:chromium, molybdenum, etc, Ferro-TiC alloys produced by us: 1,Hardness (ISO 3878) : 82-89 HRA 2,Density:6.0-6.5g/cm3 3,TRS (ISO 3327): 1800-2000 N/mm2 4,Average Grain Size:  1.0 +0.5 μm 5,Porosities: A02B00C00 6,CHEMICAL: TiC(47%)-Fe(37%)-Other(16%) For more [Read More]