Analyzing Microwave synthesis of carbon titanium nitride

This shows that:

(1) microwave carbothermal reduction can be a one-time synthesis Ti (Cx, N1-x) single-phase solid solution, but the impact factor synthesis process and more controlled conditions with high requirements, set beforehand to get the x value The Ti (Cx, N1-x) solid solutions, not only synthesis temperature, time, atmosphere, and pressure, and ratio of raw materials should be appropriate, i.e., the kind of synthetic materials and reaction activity significantly affect differences also exist. It must be used for the synthesis of raw materials, under the guidance of the theory of synthesis, synthesis conditions were changing a series of experiments, the change in the law in order to get synthesized having the desired values โ€‹โ€‹of x Ti (Cx, N1-x) solid solution, and the effect of microwave heating on the reaction kinetics of the great factors, the actual effects of synthetic and conventional heating different, need to do more research and exploration work Xiangxi in the future.microwave furnace

(2) good TiN and TiC synthesis directly by the ratio at high temperature solution method, synthesis conditions are good control, but after two high-temperature process, the particles grow larger easily synthesized product

(3) by the first 2a ingredients were synthesized by microwave heating TiN and TiC, then by 1200 โ„ƒ x lOmin after the high temperature solution, far from obtaining single-phase Ti (Cx, N1-x), while the same kind of ingredient systems carbon thermal reduction by one step synthesis of temperature and time, but it can get the basic single phase Ti (Cx, N1-x).The reason is that a one-time carbon thermal reduction synthesis Ti (Cx, N1-x) solid solution is a solid solution in the synthesis reaction while TiN and TiC in the process. high temperature microwave

Since TiN and TiC off key raw material needed to generate TiO2 open and re-compounds with C and N2, so this is in reaction microcrystalline prokaryotic or the newly formed state of nature has a very high reactivity, it must be able to be carried out the solid state reaction of TiN and TiC, the results of single-phase Ti (Cx, N1-x) solid solution at a lower temperature. The first synthesis of TiN and TiC used as a secondary high temperature solution ” synthetic material” had been due to a high temperature microwave treatment, on the one hand has grown granule synthetic materials, synthetic materials crystallize on the other hand is relatively more complete , and therefore the reaction activity is deteriorated, the solid solution can not be completed at low temperatures, in order to be completely in solution at a higher temperature or longer incubation times.industry microwave

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