Advantages of microwave sintering technology

1. The sintering temperature is significantly reduced, compared with the conventional sintering, the maximum cooling rate of up to about 500 ℃.

2. 70% energy saving than conventional sintering to 90%, reduce the sintering energy costs. Because microwave sintering time is shortened, especially for some ceramic materials sintering process from the last few days or even weeks to reduce the use of microwave sintering of a few hours or even a few minutes, much too high energy efficiency.

  1. Security pollution. Rapid sintering characteristics of microwave sintering makes during sintering as a sintering atmosphere of gases is greatly reduced, which not only reduces costs, but also to the sintering process waste gas, waste heat emissions are reduced.
  2. Use the microwave method for rapid heating and densification can inhibit the grains grow, thereby preparing nano-powders, ultrafine or nano-bulk materials.
  3. sintering time is shortened, compared to conventional radiant heating densification process accelerated, both inside and outside at the same time the material is uniformly heated so that the material inside the thermal stress can be reduced to a minimum. Secondly, the role of electromagnetic energy in the microwave, molecules or ions within the material kinetic energy increases, the sintering activation energy decreases, the diffusion coefficient increased, rapid sintering temperature can be so fine too late to grow up to be sintered.
  4. achieve spatially selective sintering.

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