Advances in the study of carbide heat treatment

Hard alloy carbide cermet rods ┬áheat treatment research progress are reviewed in this paper. Common cemented carbide by quenching tempering treatment, boronizing carburizing and boron – lanthanum permeability and chemical heat treatment, dual quenching tempering treatment, vacuum heat treatment, ion implantation, laser heat treatment to improve its bending strength, surface hardness and wear resistance, mechanical properties such as fracture toughness Steel bonded carbide by choosing appropriate quenching tempering process, boronizing and sulfur boron – permeability and chemical heat treatment to improve the surface hardness, wear resistance and thermal fatigue resistance of alloy, so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of cemented carbide products.


Carbide is an application of a lot about engineering materials, not only widely used in cutting tools(tungsten title cutting tool), and the effect of its application in the mold is good. Ordinary carbide carbide points (hereinafter referred to as the carbide) and steel bonded carbide (hereinafter referred to as the steel combined with gold), both methods are similar, but different in ingredients. Cemented carbide with high hardness, high wear resistance, high melting point of WC, TiC, TaC, NbC, VC carbide alloy as the basic composition, content is above 70%, such as Co and Ni pure metal binding phase And steel combined with gold carbide (WC, TiC, etc.) content is less than 50%, and with ordinary steel binding phase, its organization is characterized by fine grain size of hard phase evenly dispersed in matrix of the steel substrate, carbide assigned to its good abrasion resistance, heat resistance steel and binding phase carbide can be heat treatment, machining, forging and weldability. Carbide brittleness is big, can’t forging, processed into finished products used directly, but found in the production practice As well as steel combined with gold can be heat treatment. In recent years our country on the average, heat treatment of steel bonded carbide were studied. Cemented carbide is reviewed in this paper the research progress of heat treatment, in order to further improve the effect of its use.

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