Abrasive amount of planetary ball mill

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For planetary ball mill abrasive volume has been the focus which many people all concerned about,a planetary ball mill to thoroughly how much material?many want to buy Planetary ball mills friends must be very concerned about such issues. as the professional planetary ball mill manufacturers,we can help you answer this question out:

A planetary ball mill
, in theory, all referring to several liters machine. Mainly refers to the maximum on how much can be loaded jar. The machine requires a minimum of a two jars can guarantee balanced operation of the machine. For example, we get four liters of a classic example of a planetary ball mill is concerned, which is expressed on a machine can be four one liter capacity jar, planetary ball milling tank is free to choose the appropriate material: stainless steel  milling pot, vacuum cans, agate cans, ceramic pots, cans nylon, polyurethane tanks, Teflon pots. When equipped with vacuum ball milling tanks, vacuum sets need to reprovision. Tank can be equipped with milling specification: 50ml ~ 1L 50ml ~ 500ml can be equipped with vacuum ball milling tanks.

At the same time, because there is a ball jar and ball size occupied 1/3 means that each can be fitted with two-thirds of the material. Other models also need to install the so-third of the ball, so the choice if you need a time machine out of 4L of material, you need to choose a relatively bigger machine.

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