January 2018

Zirconium Carbide Powder’s Features

Zirconium carbide powder is a kind of gray metallic powder,density:6.73g/cm3,melting point:3530°C English name: zirocnium carbide powder,CAS NO.,:12070-14-3,UN code 3178,Molecular formula:ZrC,with corrosion resistance,high surface activation,high temperature resistance,oxidation resistance,high hardness,good electrical conductivity,good thermal conductivity,high melting point characters,with high efficient absorption of visible light, [Read More]

Hafnium carbide powder

HFC Hafnium carbide powder Physical Constants: Density 12.7g / cm3, melting point 3890 ℃, is known to have the highest melting point of a single compound. The volume resistivity  is 1.95 × 10 -4 Ω · cm (2900 [Read More]

Chemical Stability of TiC Ferro Alloys

TiC- bonded carbide has excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion of various media (such as the atmosphere, gas, sea water, oil, acid, alkali, salt, etc.). Corrosion resistance of TiC- Ferro alloys depends on the type of substrate, choose [Read More]